Heavy and Out of Gauge Transport

As our company Maxi Logistics Services, in your Export, Import and Transit Trade Heavy and Out of Gauge Freight shipments; From Turkey to Balkan Countries, from Turkey to European Countries, from Europe and Balkan Countries to Turkey Heavy and Oversize Lowbed transports. All kinds of Wide, Long and High Heavy and Oversize transports are special transports. Permissions are delivered reliably with pioneering services.

We serve our customers at the most affordable prices internationally with lowbeds, trucks, open lorries with all kinds of oversized loads from 1 ton to 150 tons, from 1 meter to 50 meters in length.

  • Ship Body Transports, Ship Engine Transports, Ship Covers Transports, Ship Crane Transports, Ship Shaft Transports

  • Boat Transports, Yacht Transports, Boat Transports, Speed Boat Transports, Sailboat Transports, Catamaran Transports, Gulet Transports, Lifeboat Transports, Pontoon Transports, Fishing Boat Transports

  • Hydraulic Injection Machines Transportations, Industrial Machines Transportations, Press Machines Transportations

  • Transformer, Turbine, Reactor, Transformer and Generator Transportation

  • Construction Machinery Transportation (Dozer, Excavator, Loader, Finisher, Cylinder, Grader, Crusher, Drill, Rock Truck etc.)

  • Out of Gauge Cargo Transports

  • Power Plant Transportations

  • Weather Vane Propeller Blades and Body Transports

  • Concrete Plant Transports

  • Stone Crushing Handling Plant Transports

  • Casting Units Transportation

  • Roof Crane Transports, Tower Crane Transports, Gantry Crane Transports, Overhead Crane Transports, Crawler Crane Booms Pallets and Frame Transports, Ship Cranes Transports, Monray Crane Transports, Cat Car Crane Transports, Overhead Crane Transports, Jib Crane Transports, Gantry Crane Transports

  • Factory Transports

  • Industrial Furnaces Transports, Vacuum Furnaces Transports, Annealing Furnaces Transports, Aluminum Melting Furnaces Transports

  • Induction Aircraft Transports

  • Asphalt Plant Transportations

  • Complete Construction Site Transports

  • Boiler Transportation, Industrial Chimney Transportation, Storage Tank Transportation, Water Tank Transportation, Diesel Tank Transportation, Hot Oil Boiler Transportation, Cement Silo Transportation, Steam Boiler Transportation, LPG Tank Transportation

We provide solutions and services to our customers in transportation issues with our experienced staff in Heavy and Out of Gauge transportation, and trailers and equipment with different carrying capacities and features in our vehicle park.

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How do we work?


Transparent Pricing

Tired of paying your shipping agent a high price for land sea air Intermodal shipping with mediocre results?

We are here to provide you with more accurate and minimalized prices in your shipping decisions and to provide you with optimum logistics service.


Maxi Lojistik offers its customers a privileged service with its modern shelf and storage systems in its warehouse built on an open space.

If your business is exporting or importing goods, and you need warehouse areas, we provide reliable and cost-effective storage services in leading European locations.

Real Time Monitoring

As Maxi Logistics Services, we try to give you the best and safest service with our superior technology.

With the Maxi Tracking System, which we have created with the latest technological infrastructure, we provide you with the opportunity to track your products loaded on our vehicles.

Cargo Security

Safety is a critical element for logistics. As Maxi Logistics Services, providing trust to our customers is a priority among our company's missions.

In our service process, which we have provided from loading to unloading, we act in full control by taking all our precautions against any risk of damage and loss that may occur in your products, by performing the correct loading of your cargo and ensuring its follow-up.

Our solutions

At the same time, the conditions and requirements of being an International Freight Forwarder...

As Maxi Logistics Services, with our understanding of quality and qualified service and our experienced staff...

From all over the world with systematic cargo operation and intensive flight support...

Intermodal Transportation is a mode of transportation using at least two different transportation modes without changing the transportation container.

Maxi Logistics Services provides service with its modern shelf and storage systems, expert staff and modern equipment in its warehouse built on an open area.

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