What is the Difference Between Shipping and Logistics?

Logistics is the effective planning of transporting all kinds of products, services and information from the point of origin to the destination in order to meet the needs of the people. Shipping is the business of moving. So don't plan. It only takes care of the transport.

What is the Importance of Logistics?

Today, logistics can be defined as “delivering the right product to the customers at the right place, at the right time and at an acceptable cost”. Logistics has recently come to the forefront as a rapidly developing dynamic sector on a global scale. The gradual removal of barriers to international trade Thanks to the increase in investments and technological opportunities, the volume of international trade is increasing. Customs duties, quotas, and quotas that separate national economies barriers such as capital constraints are decreasing; services, labor and capital are becoming faster and easier to move between countries. In parallel with the increase in international trade volume, the removal of borders between countries and the development of the concept of globalization, the logistics sector has gained importance recently. Today, logistics has become one of the most important, largest and most dynamic industries in the world. goods and services around the world It is designed in any geography, produced in another and demanded from another place. Therefore, companies producing goods and services The factor that makes it stand out and advantageous in the global race is speed and on-time delivery. The logistics sector comes into play at this point, in transporting the products produced to any point in the world, storing them at the necessary points, It plays a role in packaging, customs clearance and many other activities. with its competitors in order to continue its existence. trying to compete fiercely, looking for ways to produce and market better quality products cheaper, both quality and costs Logistics emerges as an important competitive power factor for businesses that have achieved new successes in terms of

What is the Importance of Storage?

These days, I experience the fact that the most important pillar of logistics is the 'warehouse'. So, what is warehouse management and how to do it, I will focus on these issues. Although there are many definitions. In the simplest way, the products are in the retail market, where the final controls are made before they reach the consumer and they are ready for sale. The warehouse is where it gets ready to go to its destinations. It is an undoubted fact that the rate of error increases in the work done with the involvement of the human factor. Here is warehouse management in this state, it is the part where the rate of error is highest in the logistics sector. Let's assume that the program used is too late. Thanks to this program, the person or department directing the orders is given to the retailer, and the retailer is also to the retailer. will be obligated to its customers. And this will negatively affect customer satisfaction, which is perhaps the most important part of the trade.

Is there a Customs Tax in the Transactions of Moving Abroad from Turkey?

If you prove that you have lived in less than 12 months, you can take your household goods abroad without customs duty, according to Geneva law. In your new and new products, taxation may occur according to the type and type of the goods.

What is Road Transport?

It is the most widely used type of transport. In this type of transportation, which is quite flexible, loading and unloading operations can be done easily, scheduled shipments are frequently carried out. Reasons such as being able to provide door-to-door service, short delivery times are the reasons for preference. In addition, high transportation cost, bad weather conditions being easily affected by traffic and environmental factors are its negative aspects. Especially after the Second World War, it developed rapidly and became the most useful type of transportation. and took part in all logistics processes. It is the type of transportation where competition is most intense today.

What is Sea Freight?

It is the most widely used mode of transport internationally. It is the least costly and safest mode of transport. Huge quantity of products (dry cargo, liquid and gas, products with low economic value, raw materials) and products that can be containerized are transported by sea. 22 by air, 7 by road, It is the most preferred mode of transportation in the world because it is 3.5 times cheaper than the railway. Maritime transport shoulder 92% of world trade. The amount of cargo transported between countries and continents is seven billion tons.

Airways transporting ?

The main reason for preference is the speed factor. In addition, unit transportation costs are quite high compared to other types of transportation. It is suitable for distances of more than 500 kilometers. However, the speed advantage provided by air freight also reduces storage costs. can be considered as a factor

What is Integrated Transport?

Logistics services are seen within the framework of a system from raw material supply to product distribution. Considering the supply chain as a whole and ensuring that all functions requires management. Materials are transported by sea, air, land or rail, or come from multiple locations, are repackaged and shipped elsewhere. or Logistics operators opening facilities around the world to meet increasing customer demands, to be used after a short or long period of time to win these customers are stored in a certain region or country.

When will my products received by Maxi Logistics be delivered?

The products received by Maxi Logistics are delivered to the buyers within the specified periods within the delivery schedule, which is the annex of the contract.

What kind of security is the shipment carried by Maxi Logistics?

All of your products we receive are under the guarantee of private insurance until they are delivered to the buyer.

What is the delivery status of my products received by Maxi Logistics?

You can track status information such as where, when, and who received the shipment by logging into the online tracking portal from our home page.

Does Maxi Logistics track return and return shipments?

If you wish, we send your returned shipments that are not accepted by the buyer back to your address, or if there are any defects that can be corrected. We fix them and ensure that they are delivered to the buyer again.

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