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Maxi Logistics Services aims to recruit highly educated, open to innovations, energetic, potential to develop itself and its business, capable of teamwork, to internalize the philosophy of modern, unconditional customer satisfaction, responsible for society, respectful to moral values, Continuous development of employees, different vision. Our mission is to ensure that our high-qualified employees, who are the most valuable resource of our group, who compete against time and always aim to win, are always ready for change, by constantly improving their knowledge, skill potential and performance, and to combine their personal goals with organizational goals at the highest point.

Everyone who is eager to discover innovations, has high energy and always wants to learn more in order to move himself and his business forward is here!
We are here because the secret of the success of Maxi Logistics is primarily hidden in the value it adds to the lives of our employees.
Human resources practices are also designed to keep this value alive. It offers living spaces where creative, developer, educational and colorful spaces come together for everyone who makes their customers an unconditional priority, never stops trying to reach the result, appreciates, believes that development is endless, and adds added value to the society.

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Digital Marketing Specialist

İstanbul, TR Full time

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At the same time, the conditions and requirements of being an International Freight Forwarder...

As Maxi Logistics Services, with our understanding of quality and qualified service and our experienced staff...

From all over the world with systematic cargo operation and intensive flight support...

Intermodal Transportation is a mode of transportation using at least two different transportation modes without changing the transportation container.

Maxi Logistics, in its warehouse built on an open area, modern shelf and storage systems, expert staff and modern