Maxi Logistics Services, which is the best in the sector in Ireland Partial ( Groupage ) and Full Truck export, import and transit transportation, with its years of experience and quality, regularly especially in Dublin, Belfast, Cork, Limerick, Derry, Galway, Lisburn, Craigavon, Waterford and Drogheda. In addition, it continues its activities in the road transportation […]

As Maxi Logistics Services Family; WE ARE STARTING A NEW TREND IN THE INDUSTRY As you know, since Logistics and Foreign Trade is an international sector and business, there are many foreign terms and calculations due to its nature. Although the new generations who graduated from the Logistics and Foreign Trade departments receive practical training in […]

A – Customs Declaration Form is the document submitted to the customs administration after it is filled in accordance with the customs legislation in export and approved by the relevant exporter union. After entering the Customs Union, the use of “Single Type Customs Declaration” was introduced within the framework of harmonization of legislation and documents. The […]

a/a: Always afloat a.a.r: Against all risks Air consignment note: Air waybill Airport of arival: Arrival airport Airport of departure Airway bill: Air waybill Always safely afloat: Always floating a.m.: Ante meridiem (before noon) Amounts: Amount Approx.: Approximetally (Approx.) ARR: Arrival (arrival time) B/L: Bill of Lading Booking: Reservation Breakdown clause (of-of-hire clause): Used for [&h

Partial literally means part, not whole.Transportation services such as complete, partial (groupage), project and heavy transportation are offered in the transportation sector. The logistics of transporting the loads of different customers on the same route with the same truck, pickup truck or truck is  called partial (groupage) transportation  or piece goods transportation. The main purpos

EORI Number is an arrangement made within the scope of safety and security measures in the EU Customs Legislation. The word EORI is an abbreviation of the words “Economic Operators Registration and Identification Number” and its Turkish equivalent is “Economic Operators Registration and Identification Number”. This Number is valid in all EU countries, and can […]