General Logistics Terms

a/a: Always afloat

a.a.r: Against all risks

Air consignment note: Air waybill

Airport of arival: Arrival airport

Airport of departure

Airway bill: Air waybill

Always safely afloat: Always floating

a.m.: Ante meridiem (before noon)

Amounts: Amount

Approx.: Approximetally (Approx.)

ARR: Arrival (arrival time)

B/L: Bill of Lading

Booking: Reservation

Breakdown clause (of-of-hire clause): Used for the breakdown, collision or equipment of the ship in the time charter agreement or policies

Breaking bulk: Starting to unload the ship

Brokerage: The commission earned by the broker (simsal) for his service related to the rental agreement.

B.S.: Bottom stowed

B.S.T.: British summer time

Bulk: Bulk cargo (not in a package, e.g. coal)

Bulk freight: A load with a low weight but a high stowage factor

ca.: Circa (presumably)

Chad. (c/d): Cash against documents

c.a.f.: Coüt, assurance,fret,c.i.f. (cost of goods, insurance and freight)

cargo: transport,load

Carriage: Transport,Shipping

Carrier: Carrier

c.o.d.: Charges collect (at buyer’s expense)

Certificate of origin: Certificate of origin

c.+f: Cost andfreight

c.+i: Cost and insurance

Charge: Cost, fee, fee

Chargeable weight: Chargeable weight

CIF: Delivery as cost of goods

c.i.f.: Cost of goods, insurance and freight

c.i.f.+c: Cost, insurance, freight and commission (including cost of goods, insurance, freight and expenses)

c.i.f landed: Cost,insurance,freight,landed (cost of goods, insurance, freight and unloading costs)

city ​​terminal service: City terminal service

c.k.d.: Completely knocked down

Claims: Complaints

c/o: Care of. (by)

c.o.d.: Cash on delivery

Collecting free: Fee paid to pick up the goods from the ship at the port of destination

Commodity rates: Fee applied in shipping table

Conditions of contract

Consignee: self-sent goods

Consignment: Goods sent, sending goods, shipment

Consignor: Sending goods

Consolidator: Organization that is a member of IATA and combines and dispatches goods in bulk

Consular Invoice (C.I): Certified invoice

c.o.s.: Charterer pays des

CPT: Pick up with freight paid

CRF: Cost of goods and freight

c.t: Conference terms (conditions of agreement between regular line shipping companies)

Current rates: Current prices

Customs broker: Customs broker

Costoms clearance: clearance customs clearance

custums declaration: Customs declaration

DAF: Border delivery

d.d.: Dangerous deck (Deck where dangerous goods are stacked)

DDP: Delivery with duty paid

DDU: Delivery without customs duty

dead freight

Delivering carrier: The carrier that delivers the goods arriving at the destination port to the buyer


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